I love the challenge of figuring out what types of content will resonate with certain audiences. As Intern to the Director of Communications at the Advance Group, I crafted messaging for New York City political candidates and activists. As an Undergraduate Research Assistant at the University of Delaware, I researched why Democrats and Republicans like different types of political satire; under the mentorship of Dr. Dannagal Young, I published and presented this research. Finally, I learned to write for the diverse audience of a morning show as an intern at “Good Morning America” in Washington, DC.

At the Advance Group, I took on the voices and passions of the various candidates and activists with whom the company was working. I wrote press releases, op-eds, and statements, and contributed research to develop media strategies for the company’s clients. I ghostwrote this op-ed for the Huffington Post under Bertha Lewis’ name to commemorate the 50-year anniversary of the March on Washington.

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As a Summer Scholar with the UD’s Undergraduate Research Program, I worked under Dr. Dannagal Young in the Department of Communication to research the connection among psychology, humor, and political ideology. I presented preliminary findings at the American Political Science Association’s Annual Meeting in 2015, and our work was recently published in the journal, Psychology of Popular Media Culture. Below is the abstract from the paper entitled, “Psychology, Political Ideology, and Humor Appreciation: Why is Satire so Liberal?”

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As an intern for “Good Morning America” in Washington, DC, I learned how to produce material for a broad audience. I pitched stories to producers, assisted bookers, and created content for abcnews.com. I developed the following ideas and worked closely with digital editors to publish “5 Recipes to Rock National French Fry Day” and “Artist Makes Incredible Edible Oreo Art.”

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I am eager to continue learning how to effectively communicate to various audiences throughout my career.