Throughout my undergraduate career at the University of Delaware, I honed my skills in communication and media production by working in various academic and political environments. I co-authored the journal article “Psychology, Political Ideology, and Humor Appreciation: Why is Satire So Liberal?” and wrote briefing notes and agendas for Senator Cory Booker and in the Delaware General Assembly. Additionally, I led the “49 News” team at UD into a new era of television reporting by pioneering the production of short videos tailored for social media.

I believe that we can effect significant change at the federal level by increasing citizens’ awareness around local political issues. I aimed to motivate the UD community to pay attention to local politics through creating these videos as the Executive Producer of “49 News.”


I developed “Delamocracy,” a series of videos which profiled the 7 candidates running for Delaware’s seat in the House of Representatives in 2016. I coordinated interview times with staffers, filmed against a green screen, and edited each video to be friendly for Facebook users through using captions and the autoplay feature. The series collectively gained over 10,000 views, which was a record for “49 News.” This is Representative Lisa Blunt Rochester, who is currently serving in Congress.


I wrote, directed, and appeared on camera in this piece about a bike ride from Newtown, Connecticut, to Washington, DC that raised awareness around gun violence. As the bike ride passed through Newark, Delaware, I was on the scene to talk to local politicians and lobbyists about the urgency to change gun laws in this country.


At the start of my senior year in college, issues of diversity and inclusion were at the forefront of University faculty and students’ minds. I filmed, directed, and edited this piece, which was at a rally in response to the appearance of noose-like objects on campus. My peer Jordan McBride, who is on camera, and I intentionally filmed and interviewed major players in the discussions surrounding race issues on campus to ensure that we reported the most comprehensive story possible. Our work is the only video that exists of this event.