As the first-ever Social Media Specialist at the Bronfman Center for Jewish Life at New York University, I transformed how the organization reaches and interacts with its audience. I built a cohesive, multi-platform digital brand through specifically implementing a video storytelling strategy that gained over 200,000 views, piloting the Influencer Internship, and creating a program to track analytics. The following achievements represent my ability to develop targeted, data-driven social media strategies.

I managed 5 social platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Mailchimp, and Snapchat – and increased the audiences and engagement on each. Most notably, I grew the Bronfman Center’s Facebook video views by 95% and Instagram following by 40%.


I also helped raise $7,500 by spearheading the digital marketing efforts for the Jewish Learning Fellowship Crowdfunding Campaign, the first of its kind in the country.


Finally, I successfully launched the the BC Influencer Internship, where I supervised 5 interns and oversaw the creation of 60 original media posts in its first semester alone. In the second semester, Instagram story views increased by 30 percent.


My personalized and analytical approach to driving social media growth will be an asset in your organization.

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